Beijing to complete COVID-19 inoculation for key groups before Spring Festival

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Beijing will complete COVID-19 inoculation for key groups before the Spring Festival, which falls on Feb. 12 this year, according to local authorities.

After this round of inoculation, all the eligible people in Beijing will receive COVID-19 vaccines as the vaccines receive market approval, along with a gradual increase in vaccine production, the municipal health commission said.

Beijing to complete COVID-19 inoculation for key groups before Spring Festival

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A total of 73,537 people received the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at 220 inoculation venues in two days since the city began administering the jab on Jan. 1 among specific groups of people with high infection risks.

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“I’m glad to receive the vaccine for I’m in charge of cold-chain food transportation. I feel much safer now,” said a vaccinee surnamed Tong at a temporary vaccination site in Beijing’s Chaoyang District.

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Source : Xinhua | Photocredit : Google

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