China, CEEC countries agree on diversified cooperation through 2021

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To promote the sustainable and steady development of cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC), the participants of the China-CEEC Summit on Tuesday jointly formulated the 2021 Cooperation between China and CEEC Beijing List of Activities.

China, CEEC countries agree on diversified cooperation through 2021

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The cooperative activities agreed on the virtual summit cover such major fields as trade and investment, health, technology, energy, culture, green development, and education, according to the list.

First of all, the participants agreed to continue coordination by holding more working meetings on different levels to conduct consultations on enlargement procedures of China-CEEC cooperation and other relevant issues.

On trade and investment, they support more relevant exchanges in 2021, including the holding of the 4th China-CEEC Ministerial Conference on Economic and Trade Promotion and the 2nd China-CEEC Expo both in Ningbo, China, the 4th China International Import Expo, and the China-CEEC Textile Expo in Romania.

On health cooperation, they agree to hold meetings among health ministers and experts of China and CEE countries, and other activities in a flexible manner.

On science and technology, they support China in holding the 5th China-CEEC Conference on Innovation Cooperation this year. Some interested participants will also explore possibilities for exchanges of young talents and joint building of smart cities.

Furthermore, the participants designate the year 2021 as the China-CEEC Cooperation’s Year of Green Development and Environmental Protection, and agree to make an active effort to improve green development.

Agri-trade and forestry cooperation between China and CEE countries will also be focused through the year, according to the list.

People-to-people exchange plays a big part in the list as the participants support holding an Expert Forum on Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection in the Hellenic Republic and an Art Cooperation Forum in the Republic of Serbia.

Additionally, they agree to strengthen cooperation in tourism, and enhance exchanges between libraries, publishing houses, film workshops, journalists and think tanks of China and CEE countries.

Conclusively, the participants listed education, sports, youth and local cooperation as areas that will have more exchanges and cooperation in 2021.

Besides consultations on education policy and the joint establishment of China-CEEC Sports Coordination Mechanism in 2021, forums gathering China and CEEC mayors will also be held.

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Given the uncertainties of the epidemic situation in 2021, the participants of the China-CEEC Summit on Tuesday will participate in the above-mentioned events in physical or online form on a voluntary basis.

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