Chinese Embassy in New Zealand distributes Spring Festival kits to overseas Chinese students

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The Chinese Embassy in New Zealand on Tuesday distributed Spring Festival kits to overseas Chinese students here in Wellington on the eve of the Lunar New Year.

Chinese Embassy in New Zealand distributes Spring Festival kits to overseas Chinese students

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Under strict epidemic prevention measures, the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand opened its doors to welcome the Chinese students in Wellington.

During the distribution ceremony, Dong Zhixue, education counsellor of the Chinese embassy, handed the Spring Festival kits to the representatives of local Chinese students one after one.

Dong said education cooperation is an important part of China-New Zealand ties, adding that currently more than 11,000 Chinese students are studying in New Zealand and China is the largest source of international students in New Zealand.

“The welfare of overseas Chinese students is always close to the heart of the Chinese government. By distributing the Spring Festival kits, the Chinese embassy wishes to bring festivity to all overseas Chinese students. I hope that they will stay healthy and happy,” Dong said.

The kits contain personal protective equipment such as face masks and disinfected wet wipes, as well as school supplies and a Spring Festival greetings card presented by Wu Xi, the Chinese ambassador to New Zealand, with delightful Lunar New Year wishes.

“Although we are far away from our hometown by thousands of miles, we are not alone. The Spring Festival kits carried the care and concern of the motherland for overseas students. Everyone feels intimate and confident to continue to study hard with the support and help of the embassy,” said Yang Bo, a PhD student at Victoria University of Wellington.

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Besides the Chinese students, the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand has also distributed the Spring Festival kits to local Chinese in need.

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Source : Al Jazeera | Photocredit : Google

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