Dai Huaibo scores 27 points to help Jilin beat Nanjing 105-97 in CBA

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Dai Huaibo scored team-high 27 points and grabbed five rebounds as Jilin Northeast Tigers defeated Nanjing Monkey Kings 105-97 in the 2020-21 Chinese Basketball Association league (CBA) on Sunday.

Dai Huaibo scores 27 points to help Jilin beat Nanjing 105-97 in CBA

Nanjing claimed an early lead on 6-0 before Dai scored 14 points in the second quarter to gave Jilin a 56-44 lead in the first half.

Nanjing’s Xiralijan Muhtar collected 13 points and 10 assists but failed to bring victory to Nanjing.

“Our defense was weak in the fourth quarter and on the offense, we committed too many mistakes,” Dai said after the game. “We will summarize through video after the game.”

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Jilin will take on Jiangsu Dragons here on Tuesday, while Nanjing is scheduled to play against Tianjin Pioneers on Wednesday.

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