Incredible beauty of Mount Qomolangma

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Mount Qomolangma, or Mount Everest, is the world’s highest mountain above sea level.

Incredible beauty of Mount Qomolangma

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Boasting unique Tibetan cultural heritage and natural scenery, the Qomolangma National Nature Reserve protects 3.381 million hectares of the central Himalaya in the Tibet autonomous region.

It’s a natural habitat for rare animals including Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks and black-necked cranes.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the first successful expedition to Mount Qomolangma, and the 45th anniversary of China’s first accurate measurement of Qomolangma’s height.

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Chinese mountaineers and researchers climbed Mount Qomolangma in 1975 to determine its height and concluded that the height of the peak was about 8,848.13 meters, and in 2005, the summit was measured at 8,844.43 meters (29,017 feet).

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