Japanese-drawn China train schedule map a hit

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A concise and straightforward China train schedule released on Sunday by Study Group of China Railway Timetable in Japan has become a hit on the Internet.

Japanese-drawn China train schedule map a hit

The timetable map — on which transportation hub cities are put into a matrix — depicts China’s railway network.

The red lines are newly built routes and the blue ones are original routes.

The numbers scattered among the routes are transportation hours needed between two cities.

It is evident that a developed railway network has already been formed in China, and cities like southeast China’s Haikou and southwest China’s Lhasa that don’t have convenient railways are also shown in this time schedule, according to the Group.

Detailed route maps and time schedules are collected in the newly published China train schedule, said the Group. This timetable is released twice a year in electronic version and paper version. The latest series was released in early May.

Many net users from Japan and China weighed in on the time schedule. A Japanese net user said that China has done a great job in building its railway network, while a Chinese netizen thought the map was too regular to show the geographical reality of China.

However, there is no doubt that the map shows China’s remarkable achievements in railway network construction and also the visual convenience brought by its railway system.

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Study Group of China Railway Timetable in Japan was founded by overseas Chinese He Le and one of his colleagues in 2013. “I hope more people will experience the charm of China’s railways, ” said He.

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Source : Global Times | Photocredit : Google

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