Largest shopping mall on U.S. West Coast finds new ways to celebrate Chinese New Year

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Despite the many trials and tribulations the COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted on Southern California, holiday good cheer is still being shared in the festive halls of South Coast Plaza (SCP), the largest shopping center on the West Coast of the United States.

Largest shopping mall on U.S. West Coast finds new ways to celebrate Chinese New Year

With sales of over 1.5 billion U.S. dollars annually pre-COVID, the highest in the country, SCP has stayed open during the pandemic, using strict COVID-19 protocols to maintain customer safety, and intends to continue to uphold its commitment to celebrating cross-cultural events and holidays.

Ringing in the New Year of the Ox local time Friday, David Grant, general manager of the Southland’s luxury mall, said it’s a cross-cultural community affair.

“By celebrating events together with our many warm friendships, we create a positive environment for everyone to enjoy.”

SCP told Xinhua that the Lunar New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival are both important cultural traditions for South Coast Plaza’s customers. “We’re always looking for ways to celebrate these with our communities,” said Debra Gunn Downing, spokeswoman and executive director of marketing for SCP.

Normally the host of an opulent Chinese New Year party each year, SCP reached out to the community and celebrated the holiday in a different way this year.

Many of the top boutiques in the mall presented limited edition items including ox-themed fashions and gave out red gift envelopes to their VIP customers.

The SCP’s official website explained that those exclusive products made by luxury brands for the Lunar News Year, from Jo Malone London fragrances to Sugarfina candies, showcased either the animal or the element — and sometimes both — that represents the new year on the Chinese calendar.

“For 2021, that’s the ox and metal, a combination that’s especially alluring for the watch and jewelry brands,” SCP said, specially promoting Harry Winston, Vacheron Constantin, Louis Vuitton and Chopard Year of the Ox watches.

They also offered a gift of a charming Liuli Crystal Art sculpture of an ox with a minimum purchase, plus a sweepstakes with prizes from their various boutiques.

Also, many of their chef-driven restaurants, such as Knife Pleat, The Hall Global Eatery, Terrace by Mix Mix, Hamamori Restaurant and Sushi Bar, and AnQi, which are all famous in Southern California, offered special holiday menus to celebrate the festive occasion.

For arts and entertainment, SCP installed a show-stopper centerpiece for Year of the Ox — a massive Ox rampant on display in the Jewel Court. They have put together an online digital program of cultural performances that started streaming from Feb. 10.

These Asian-themed performances include a reinterpretation of traditional music performed by 41 erhu musicians from around the world, and other traditional performances like the Mongolian bowl dance by the Yaya Dance Academy, Sun Spring Snow White by Celia Liu, plus other classical performances, as well as a fresh pop performance by UC Irvine’s KKAP/Back Door by Stray Kids.

“In furthering these goals (of family values and long-term friendships), we develop cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding across all communities, and cultures,” Grant said.

Chinese Consul General in Los Angeles Zhang Ping praised SCP for its ongoing commitment to diversity and community cultural exchange, saying, “Bringing people of different cultures together inspires us at this most difficult time to come together to overcome the current difficulties.”

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“We’ve gone through a rough year in 2020 because of the COVID pandemic and other things,” said Zhang. “We hope the Year of the Ox will bring good fortune, rebuild our confidence for a better life and a better world.”

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