Mixed messages in China bond index

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All indices of the ATF ALLINDEX family advanced slightly Thursday, ending 0.01% higher.

Mixed messages in China bond index

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Nevertheless, we saw some movement from individual bonds.

The biggest mover  was Bocom Financial Asset Investment Company’s bond, which retreated -1.74%. Nevertheless, the ATF ALLINDEX Financial index finished higher at 107.55.

Winners and losers in the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate index cancelled each other out and the index ended the day at 100.29.

The ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise index shows a similar pattern to close at 103.10.

After a choppy two weeks it seems the ATF ALLINDEX Local Government gauge seems to be set in an upwards trajectory and stands at 117.79.

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The flagship ATF China Bond 50 measure ended at 108.04.

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Source : Reuters | Photocredit : Google

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