TikTok: How app got caught up in the US-China clash

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With its eclectic mix of viral dance crazes and lip-sync comedy sketches, TikTok has become a phenomenon among young people.

TikTok: How app got caught up in the US-China clash

But with strong links to China, it’s the latest company to come under attack as tensions between President Xi’s China and President Trump’s US rise.

The US and Australia are considering banning the app and India has already taken it off app stores.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a free app like a short-form version of YouTube. Users can post videos up to one minute long and choose from a huge database of songs and filters.

Comedy clips and movie quotes are also on offer for users to lip-sync to.

Once a user gets more than 1,000 followers, they can also broadcast live to their fans and accept digital gifts which can be exchanged for money.

The app displays both videos by people a user follows and, more prominently, content that the app chooses based on what they have watched before.

Private messaging is also available between users.

How big is it?

Since early 2019 the app has regularly appeared near the top of download charts.

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The pandemic lockdowns have also been credited with sparking a surge in interest, propelling Tiktok and its sister app Douyin – which is available in mainland China – to an estimated two billion downloads worldwide, with about 800 million active users.

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