Xinjiang pours money into social services

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The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has received more than 1.2 billion yuan ($187 million) from the central government to support its social services, which helped to build 226 public service facilities across the region since the 13th Five-Year Plan was launched in 2016, the region’s Development and Reform Commission announced on Thursday.

Xinjiang pours money into social services

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To support and improve services for the elderly living in cities, the regional government has spent 452 million yuan to build 95 facilities, including modern nursing homes, to provide better living conditions.

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On welfare, the government has put 395 million yuan of the budget on the construction of 37 kindergartens and welfare centers for children in multiple counties, as well as 39 funeral service facilities and one mental health center.

Meanwhile, the commission said, 446 million yuan has been invested in the construction of 34 rehabilitation centers for the disabled and 20 service centers for disabled foster care across the region.

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